Testimonials of Our Auto Shop in Edwardsville, IL & the Metro-East

At Jack’s 66, we know that there are tons of auto shops in the area, and we make it a goal to ensure the very best repairs and customer service for each person that we serve. It’s this attitude that’s helped us retain a base of loyal customers that’s helped us thrive for over 55 years. With that in mind, we invite you to review some of our customer testimonials for better insight into just how we provide the exceptional service that we’re known for. Thanks for choosing Jack’s 66 Auto Repair!
auto repair testimonials edwardsville illinois

The nicest auto repair place I have ever been. The people are qualified and capable but absolutely will not overcharge you. In fact, my bill was cheaper than the work quote.

Brian E.

From the beginning, I knew this was an amazing company! The owner, Jack took me to my house as my car had broken down. Then Steve called to give me some not so good news on my car but took the initiative to contact my car manufacturer and discovered my car might be covered under manufacturer warranty. They took the time to evaluate my car and yet did not charge anything for their time and service! Not too often you experience this type of customer service! I would highly recommend Jacks to anyone who appreciates exceptional service from start to finish!

Tyler K.

Very helpful service and was able to repair what I couldn't on my vehicle. Very knowledgeable and very customer oriented.

Orion F.

The service guys at Jack's are top notch! They are friendly, helpful, and quick. This place had been around for many many years, so you know they have to be good and honest!

Rhonda S.

Fixed an issue two other "mechanics" couldn't...

Cam H.

Very helpful and kind. Did not overcharge and helped to explain what was wrong.

Peyton G.

I trust both the people and the work they do — great experience. A must for people looking for no upsells and straightforward, fair price for quality work.

Darrell P.

I'm very pleased with the kind treatment and careful service that I received from this shop. Steve & his son were very helpful and kind when I found myself caught in a bind. It's refreshing to be taken care of rather than taken advantage of, and I will be recommending this shop from now on.

Holly R.

Super GOOD Service. Honest with A Classy touch!

Bobbie B.

Excellent service at very reasonable prices. I've had several instances where another shop will quote prices way above this place or even quote work that this place says doesn't need done. They're very honest - they only do work that needs done and charge fair prices! I'm moving away this summer, but I still plan to drive 50+ miles to have my cars worked on here.

Steve S.

Steve is always very courteous and fixes what needs to be fixed. Never had any issues with repairs done by his shop.

Ross B.

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